5 Ways to Shop Big & Spend Small on Amazon

September 17, 2012Tips & Advice


Reading this post, you’re no doubt aware of the great prices that Amazon offers thanks to their regular promotions and promo codes. What ¬†you may not be aware of just how many extra incentive programs Amazon actually offers or how many additional ways exist for you to save even more money when you shop with them. Here we’ll highlight a handful of the most practical and useful ways you can save more of your hard-earned Dollar when shopping on Amazon:

Super Saver #1: Amazon Prime (take me there)

The (Many) Benefits Of Prime

The (Many) Benefits Of Prime

If you love shopping on Amazon, but you’re not a big fan of waiting five to seven days for your orders to arrive in the mail, then Amazon Prime may be a great way to speed up the process (and save some cash). Membership to the program runs just under eighty dollars per year and guarantees two day shipping on all Amazon Prime eligible items. For Amazon shoppers who are not Prime members, two day shipping typically costs an extra eight bucks or so.

If you shop on Amazon often and need to get your orders delivered quickly, the savings can quickly become substantial enough to justify the yearly fee. Amazon Prime membership comes with several extra perks as well, which we will come back to in a moment. Join Prime Here.

Super Saver #2: Subscribe & Save

Do you regularly stock up on certain items from Amazon, like laundry soap or other cleaning products? If you answered yes, then we hope you are taking full advantage of Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program to get an even sweeter deal! So how does this program work, exactly? It’s very simple. First, you choose an eligible item that you shop for on a consistent basis, then you choose the details like quantity and how often you need the product delivered. Next, you choose which credit card you want to use for payment and you will be billed on this card each time your subscription ships in the future. Oh yes, and shipping is free for subscription orders too!

Amazon's Subscription Program

All products purchased as part of a subscription receive an additional discount as well, and you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly when to expect your products each month or however often you need them. Subscribe and save can be cancelled at any time, there is no obligation to continue using the service if you no longer need a certain item. Subscribe Here.

Super Saver #3: Amazon Mom

Amazon Mom Program

Great for moms with little ones

This is really hands down one of the best options for parents with young children who shop on Amazon. If you purchase products like diapers and wipes, then this is a must! While membership in this program costs the same as Amazon Prime ($80 per year), it’s a much smarter option for parents since it comes with all of the same benefits that Prime offers, PLUS a twenty percent discount on diapers and wipes products that you subscribe to.

Want to try it out before you decide? Currently, Amazon is offering a free three month trial for Amazon Mom and you are free to cancel at any time as well. This is a great way for busy parents to avoid more trips to the store, where you are sure to spend way more than you need to on these products for your children. Try it out here.

Super Saver #4: Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates Program

Cash in on your connections

While this program may not be for everyone, it can be a simple and easy way to cover the costs of some purchases you make on Amazon. Do you maintain a blog, or use social sites like Twitter and Facebook? If you chat with friends or other parents on social media sites, then why not recommend your favorite Amazon products and receive a commission when one of them decides to purchase that item based on your endorsement? That’s exactly how Amazon Associates works, and it’s free to join. Once you’re signed up, Amazon will give you special links to post anywhere on the web and buyers who purchase after clicking on it will be helping you make some extra spending money for your next Amazon shopping spree!

Super Saver #5: Cash In On Coinstar

If you use CoinStar machines to convert your coins to cash, then this savings tip is of particular interest. Anyone who has used a CoinStar machine knows that it will keep nearly ten percent of your money. Ouch! Did you know that you can instead receive an Amazon gift card and the machine will not keep ANY of your money? You heard that right, you get 100% of your total and you can put it towards your next purchase from Amazon.

This is a great way to make your child’s savings go further when they bust open that piggy bank, and they can find whatever item they want to buy on Amazon so why not get a better price for those prizes?

In Closing

As you can see, the amount of money you can save with Amazon is much more than meets the eye. Since you can’t beat their already low prices, these extra savings tips can really sweeten the pot further and we’re willing to bet that trying a few of these ideas will turn you into a loyal Amazon shopper in no time at all. The best news of all is that we have only scratched the surface in this list, so stay tuned for more great tips for saving money on Amazon.

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